Statistical Discrimination

Prototype implementation of the agent-based statistical discrimination model. It simulates a game in which companies and workers interact in a simple labour market and decide under uncertainty. Only the workers’ colour and a test signal actual productivity of the workers. It is possible to show with this model that discriminatory outcomes can be generated under otherwise similar or equal preconditions. It is implemented as two microserives using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud with React JS as frontend.

ASAM-ODS Browser

The ODS Browser is a webapplication to browse ASAM-ODS databases (implemented as JEE application using JSF/Primefaces and an openMDM 4.3 application model). Meta data is displayed in text, (numeric) measurement data are displayed as xy-graphs. Sourcecode and application is free of cost available under the Apache 2.0 license. To get access to our repositories, please send an email to:

ASAM-ODS Explorer

The ODS-Explorer is a prototype for the extraction, aggregation and calculation of different measurements in ASAM-ODS databases (implemented as JEE application using JSF/Primefaces and a self-crafted JPA implementation encapsulating the ASAM-ODS API). Specialised application for reporting or datamining can access relational result tables for further processing with having to consult the ODS interface. For more detailed information contact us: