Books, Articles, Presentations

text Applications in Agent-Based Economics
Stephan Schuster’s PhD thesis (2012). Focus is the application of Reinforcement Learning in multi-agent based simulations.

text BRA – An algorithm for Simulating Bounded Rational Agents, in: Computational Economics, Volume 39 Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 51-69
An article about the central algorithm of the thesis.

text Agent Based Simulation for Modelling the Distribution of Online Music, in: First International Conference on Automated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi- Channel Distribution (AXMEDIS’05), IEEE Computer Society Washington, DC, USA, 2005
Conference paper by Stephan Schuster and Nigel Gilbert about the EU research project Simweb (2003-2005), which focused on the simulation of business strategies.

text Emerging Artificial Societies Through Learning, in: Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, vol. 9, 2006
An article about the central features of the EU research project Newties. Its aim was the generation of an artifical society by means of different machine learning methods. Stephan Schuster was part of the project from 2005-2008.

text Consumer Driven Contracts
Java Magazine Article (2019, in German) about writing consumer-driven contracts with Spring Cloud Contract and Pact.

text ODS Explorer
Presentation of ODS Explorer (2015, in German), a prototypical application for extraction, aggregation, calucaltion and reporting of ASAM-ODS data.

text Einsatz von ElasticSearch mit ODS
Presentation (2013, in German) of the ElasticSearch-based solution for performant queries to ASAM-ODS data using a read/write model pattern in the PLCD project at Bosch Diesel Systems.


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