Work in progress: Extract, transform and analyse ODS data statistically

The idea of the ODS-Explorer is to enable users to extract measurement data for specific questions from an ASAM-ODS storage without any programming skills and transform it in a way that makes it usable for consecutive analysis with specifalised tools. We appreciate any comments, questions and input.

Stream ODS data to a mobile device with Livecharts

For measurement systems, whose data is not imported only after the test sequence finished but wich write data continuosly into an ASAM-ODS database, a realtime querying of the database may be interesting. The ODS Livecharts provides this in form of a JEE application with desktop and mobile clients.

ODS-Browser: Publish ODS data in the web

The ODS-Browser is a basic implmentation of a generic web-based browser for ASAM-ODS data based on the base model. The database connection can be freely configured. The sourcecode can be freely used and adadpted to your own requirements.

Implement ODS queries faster with the EMS PersistenceManager

The EMS Persistence Manager is an API simlar to the Java Persistence Architecture (JPA) which simplifies developing ODS applications. It hides the details of querying and manipulating of instance elements behind annotated Java domain classes withouth the need to access the ODS API directly.
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